CIVV 2017 Sucé sur Erdre


CIVV 2016 Oxford


CIVV 2015 in Paris

Voga in Paris !!!  

CIVV in Venice

CIVV meets Rosa Salva Vogalonga 2015 Assembly 2015 in Arzana Vogalonga 2014 Assemblea 2014 in Arzana

CIVV 2014 in Hamburg

rowing festival in Hamburg with Ina and the 15th anniversary of the Club Gondola  e.V.  

CIVV 2012 in Pengbourne, England

The club Oxord City Barge in Penbourne, England 2012 with CIVV

CIVV 2013 in Frankfurt

Festival 2013 in Frankfurt   Pictures from a unknown visitor (use this password 7FHADH) In Frankfurt July 2013 see more from Axel click here from Stefan here: Festa Voga Veneta Frankfurt  

Voga Veneta in France

  Paris:  Voga Veneta de Paris -> Video Richard Winckler       Nantes,   Aviron Club Sucé sur Erdre  

Doppo voga valesana

Voga Veneta in Germany

  opening in Frankfurt 2015  

Voga Veneta worldwide

  Voga USA, Gondola Getaway:   Voga exotics


Televisione a festa di voga veneta Francoforte 2013 Quelle: © Hessischer Rundfunk 2013 On the Serenissima On the Serenissima 2 Where hidden Venice lives

Voga Veneta in England

more pictures needed from Oxford City Barge friends