Membership of the CIVV
Why do you apply for membership?
You apply for membership, because you want to be engaged in the Venice rowing and want the Venice rowing style become a more developed and well-known kind of sport internationally. The co-operation with Italian traditional associations is – of cause – part of our activities.
Currently individuals will support the association. But when we once have developed the activities to be within several (local) clubs should the CIVV act as an umbrella organisation for this clubs. The current statutes have this form already included. The members define the activities of the CIVV and support those.
Members have the right to vote on the general assembly.
The funds required for the materialisation of the Association´s purposes shall be raised by way of donations and grants and not by membership fees. Donations and grants may deduct from individual tax (contribution receipt will be provided).
How do you apply for membership?
You have to provide you data to the secretary:
full address,
email (if available),
date and place of birth.
The board decide about admission. After this you are on the membership list and will receive all information given by the board.

click here CIVV_membership application form