Vogalonga 2017 and program of this weekend in Venice

Dear friends,
dear members,
just at the beginning of our new rowing season 2017 we send some information from the CIVV board.
This year the Vogalonga will take place in early June. In recent years we have always held the annual General meeting of the CIVV at Arzanà on Saturday before the Vogalonga. We do not want to use this date this year.
The reasons are simple: on the one hand there are no elections, and on the other hand, we do not have anything new to discuss and decide so far. Last year, the attempts to link the CIVV as institution to one of the clubs in Venice stagnated.
So during the Vogalonga we will not meet at an assembly, but we will meet for other activities. As Michael O’Toole already proposed he will organize a “Mangialonga” on Vignole for the Saturday afternoon and Richard Winckler has already offered to be available for any transfers to Vignole by his motorboat. There, on Vignole, we will have all the time to reflect on the future of the CIVV in Venice and the world, outside of any stress.
Just in time before the Vogalonga we will send you the financial report of the CIVV. You will see that the only expense we had was to support the Oxford Club who organized the fantastic meeting at City Barge in 2016. There Johannes collected the membership fee of 40 € from those of you who didn’t use the bank transfer. We strongly recommend to transfer the membership fee per bank transfer.
Our collection of CIVV shirts is coming to an end. We propose to bring the last shirts to the event in Sucé sur Erdre and hand them over against a small donation or use them as an award for regatta winners. We want to think about a new collection and need your suggestions.
Shortly after the Vogalonga we will have our annual event in Sucé sur Erdre and hope to see almost all of you again. We are very happy to be invited there and we will probably know at the Vogalonga what we can still contribute to the successful performance.
Last autumn we went to Amsterdam to visit Tirza and Hans for discussing the first steps for the preparation of  the meeting in Amsterdam in 2018. Andreas and Hedwig already had the chance to explore the romantic canals of old Amsterdam by rowing Tirza’s gondola. We are very glad that Tirza and Hans invited the CIVV to Amsterdam and are looking forward to the big event in 2018.
Where will we meet in 2019? Shall we go to Prague on the Moldau where they also started with the Venetian rowing or to Vienna where Nino Loss and his people have been rowing for so long?
We are happy to see you soon and wish you a very nice season start.
Andreas Gruschka, Michael O’Toole,  Johannes Weßling, Jan Behnke